About our App

Introducing myChaperone365, a brand-new public safety and security App. The App is designed to keep you, your loved ones, your pets and those you are responsible for safer; in a challenging and unpredictable world.

Features of our App

myChaperone365 © allows administrators and users to track individuals and groups of all sizes. Our app is beneficial to companies, organizations and a wide range of other users. It features systems and protocols improving safety allowing for a cost-effective and practical way of managing operations. It even incorporates practices to track and monitor livestock and moveable property. Numerous industries can benefit from myChaperone365, the uses are unlimited and can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements.

Advanced Integrated Check-In and Mutual Mapping Systems

An activated check-in system is in place, designed to prompt users at intervals designated by the account user and/or administrator, and it features a synchable health app, synchable calendar with notifications  and history logging system as well as gps mapping to keep track of anyone anytime!

myChaperone365 reduces isolation, improves connectedness and supports an active lifestyle. Stay connected with myChaperone365

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myChaperone365 is compatible with:


Android Phones


Computers and Laptops

Smart Watches and Smart Collars for Pets

iCalendar Apps